Smart addition to thermal vision devices: Introducing the brand-new ALPEN OPTICS app!


ALPEN OPTICS is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative app for the brand's thermal imaging devices. With this release, the specialist in premium optics is taking a significant step to simplify the lives of hunters. The cutting-edge app merges the latest technology with user-friendly features, enabling real-time display of the camera feed on mobile devices and allowing for easy recordings. Photos and videos are saved to the gallery, from which they can be directly shared or posted on social media.

Overview of the ALPEN OPTICS app features:

Live view and recording - Once connected to the device's Wi-Fi, hunters can view the real-time camera feed of their thermal vision device on their smartphone or tablet. This ensures that they comfortably capture the exact scene they aim for. Using the app's recording feature, photos and videos are instantly recorded and saved.

Photo and video gallery - All captured photos and videos are readily available in the app's gallery. For easier navigation, the files can be sorted by date. And those eager to share their experiences with friends or on social media straight from the hide or while stalking, can effortlessly do so from the gallery.

User manual always at hand - Need to look something up quickly? With the ALPEN OPTICS app, hunters always have their thermal device's manual readily available.

Quick and easy setup - Thanks to the straightforward setup, the Wi-Fi connection is established in no time.

Download the app